LAST UPDATED: July 20TH, 2017 - Under Construction

I test and download a ton of mobile apps, desktop apps, and I register for a lot of online services both free and paid (mostly trials). I love technology. I love programming (though I'm not the greatest). The reason I test out and use all these tools is because someone had an idea to save themselves some time and share that idea with others. 

There are some AMAZING tools and resources out there. I use many of them to simplify some area of my life rather that is to-do lists, social media sharing, health & fitness, and most importantly continued growth and education. 

Dig through some of these apps and web sites. I am confident you will find something that will add value to your life.

This list is not all-inclusive. There are some obvious apps in all categories. Select the resource title or images for more information. The link will take you a brief explanation of how I use the app, why it's so great for that purpose and where you can get it for yourself. Enjoy!